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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  September 10, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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early morning hold up ends with the suspect being shot. incredible video we received overnight. we are live in milpitas. we will show you how customers
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are grieving about a man that was killed in a convenient store. plus a victory for upon in the race for the white house. what democrats were able to do that they haven't done in the last four months. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. good morning, thank you for joining us on this monday morning september 10th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. do you know steve paulson? >> i do. good friend of mine. >> low clouds and fog dave and pam. today looks like a little warmer. september can start to turn active here. little warmup inland. 60s and 70s close to the with theres edge. here is sal. good morning. westbound interstate 80 is getting busy. traffic is the the toll plaza is also starting to get a little busier. san mateo bridge traffic looking good approaching
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crossing the bridge over to the high-rise. let's go back to the desk. time now 6:01. a suspect in an overnight robbery tried to rob the wrong person it turned out. just hours ago. victim pulled out a gun and started shooting. alex savidge is near lake merit. very intense confrontation. >> reporter: yes the sergeant out here tells me this was an off duty police officer that opened fire on that suspected armed robber. sending him to the hospital. it happened while that off duty officer were held up outside of her car here on lee street. we'll show you video from early this morning as that suspected armed robber was transported to the hospital preponderate he is in stable condition this morning. everything unfolded just after 2:00 this morning. the officer and woman had just arrived home and parked their car. they were apparently opening the trunk of their car to grab something when that suspected armed robber approached them from behind and demanded their
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valuables. a sergeant out here on scene tells me this off duty police officer turned the table on the man. >> the male subject is an off duty police officer. he withdrew his service pistol and drew a couple rounds. >> reporter: the sergeant also tells me that suspected armed robber that was shot had been involved in at least two others armed robberies earlier in the night in this area near lake merit. this morning the suspected armed robber in the hospital recovering from two gun shout wounds and facing armed robbery charges as well. the sergeant at this point though who was investigating this particular shooting this morning is not saying which department that off duty police officer works for. live this morning in oakland alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. we have some amazing video this morning of a plane after it crashed into the water off the central coast. a father and son ran into trouble yesterday afternoon
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after taking off from the santa barbara area. the coast guard received a distressed car shortly after 3:00 and then they found this an overturned plane in the water. a man in his 70s and adult son were pulled to safety right before that plane sank. rest suers say a gps device helped them get to the scene quickly. >> we were able to get exact position, type of aircraft. and who it was registered to. that device helped save their life. >> federal investigators says the planes engines stalled forcing an emergency landing. the father and son that were heading to canada declined medical attention. planning is under way now for a vigil tomorrow far college student from lafayette who's body was recovered in the sacramento river. 20-year-old brett olson disappeared agitatas ago while tubing down the river. his body was found yesterday about a mile from where he was last seen. police say the 20-year-old drowned and there is no sign of
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foul play. olson was a student at cal polly that vigil begins at 7:00 tomorrow night at alabama ran knee high school. janine de la vega is in milpitas. she tells us what they are saying about this victim. >> reporter: customers are expressing their shock and sadness that a clerk was shot and killed inside this 7- eleven. there is a makeshift memorial being built here. just to give you an idea where the location is. it's about 200 yards away from the police department. so customers say they always felt this location was safe. police responded at 2:15 saturday morning after receiving a call that an employee was injured. when officers arrived they found a male employee with a
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gunshot wound. he died at the scene. police tell us he was the store clerk. investigators are not saying whether it was captured on the stores surveillance cameras while the clerk's identity has not been released. customers think they know who he was. >> i don't know until i walked in. i noticed there was a different person. i think i know who was and oh my gosh. very nice man. sorry to hear that. >> seven 11 hired a private security guard to stand in front of the store over the weekend and through this morning. we tried to speak to the clerk waiting inside but he told us that we had to get off the property. police have a team of detectives working on this case and were hoping to get more information in the next hour. we are told the media spokesperson is supposed to arrive right about now. we are hoping to find out if this was a robbery, what was the motive if this was targeted. if the clerk was targeted. if this was random. again we hope to have the details for you soon. reporting live janine de la
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vega. it is back to work for congress who are on capitol hill for a short preelection session. lawmakers are facing a long list of issues starting with the possible government shutdown on september 30th. the end of the budget year. coming up at 6:15 why congress might not be able to get any of the much needed work done. time now 6:06. election news president obama and republican presidential candidate mitt romney getting ready for three debates next month. the first debate is in denver october third. that will be followed bay town hall style meting october 16th in new york. the final debate october 22nd in florida. that is expected to focus on foreign policy. now the vice presidential candidates will also hold a debate that is october 11th in danville, kentucky. president obama comes back here to the bay area for another fundraiser before the november elections.
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san francisco chronicle says the president will be in san francisco monday october 8th. the exact details they haven't been released yesterday. earlier this morning the president's campaign announced they raised more than $114 million in the month of august. for the first time in four months he surpassed mitt romney. romney campaign brought in just over $111 million. president obama literally felt the love from a supporter in florida during a campaign stop yesterday. that big guy is the owner of a pizza restaurant the president visited. he lifted the president up gave him a bear hug. he said he was overcome with excitement and didn't worry how the secret service would react to that bear hug on the president of the united states. >> it's so different the
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protocol here verses say in england when you meet the queen. just hoist him up. 6:08 is the time. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> you are not supposed to touch the queen are you? >> no. >> good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we have now. as a matter of fact, we getting a little more crowded on 80 westbound coming out to the mccarthur maze. certainly more people on the road coming in through vallejo into richmond here and borkly. eventually to the bay bridge toll plaza and at the toll plaza we already have a crowd. so it is backed up. well 6:15 is when the metering lights go on. we already have a crowd before that. the morning commute is looking pretty good on the south bay but we are getting more people there. northbound 101 this word of a small crash on a shoulder. 85 and 280 look pretty good. let's go to steve. thank you. a very happy monday morning. we have a little bit of a cool down. i will tell you the quiet week
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though hard pressed to find much. even it through 10-15 days. area of fog starting to fill in. maybe a little warmup friday and saturday. but nothing we can get in september. usually we can get that stock offshore event. so far there is no sign of that. another system moves into the pacific northwest and another high pressure builds in behind that. there is cool readings here this morning. kenwood 42. mid 40s city bost poll. 46 sonoma county airport. ten warmer napa. but even san jose is down to 51. livermore 52. and redwood city at 51. a little cool for some. not so bad for others. tropical moisture continues to stay south. especially down toward the desert. for us not going to make it. dry southwest flow aloft keeps it out of here. fog, sun mild for some. a little warmup inland. not a huge deal. we'll recover from some of the upper 70s and low 80s today.
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still rather warm up toward ukiah and clear lake. 80s for many year. low to mid. walnut creek 85. 73 oakland. pleasanton 85. 79 san jose. 74 yesterday. 79 today. a little warmup today. sarah toe a georgia 82. 70s on the pence la. 60s on the coast. and also in the city. looks nice today. breezy cool. i don't think it matters. it looks pretty calm. a little cooler on tuesday and very quiet pattern toward the end of the week. we might see a little warmup with your weekend always in view by friday and saturday. time now 6:11. he was a pro football player. remember the baltimore ravens thanking fans and team for support. this is after a politician slammed him because he spoke out in favor of gay marriage. san francisco state attorney is pushing for state executions. why there is such a rush. why the mars rover
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curiosity is checking out a crater and scientists are crossing their fingers hoping it does not find water. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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time now 6:14. new video to show you from china. look at this. a magnitude 5.6 quake hit on friday in an area where some of the poorest people in china live. it was followed by an equally
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strong quake. at least 81 people were killed. more than # hundred others were -- more than 800 others were hurt. several after shocks are raising fears of more deaths and yours. political figure from maryland taking back a statement he made about a baltimore ravens football player that openingly supports gay marriage. a month ago emmitt burns wrote a letter to the baltimore ravens asking him to muzzle a linebacker brendon. he is a santa cruz high school grad. he has been a long-term supporter of gay rights. the ravens issued a statement supporting him. burns is now retracting his letter. he says the football player has a right to speak his mind. members of congress return to capitol hill today and face a long list of issues. ktvu alison burns is in our washington, d.c. newsroom with why it's unclear if congress will be able to get anything
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done. pam, there are a few must dos like pass a short-term budget bill that would keep the government roughening after this month. but congress is still uncertain if some other issues will be addressed. among them what to do about drought release and disaster aid. and how to deal with that fiscal cliff that kick in at the end of the year that experts warn could plunge the economy into a deeper recession. but still the house and senate will be taking politically charged votes on legislation that stand no chance of passing. republican bills to pass health reform and end energy loans. and democratic loans on some of president obama's josh initiative. what mitt romney and president obama are saying about it all during my next update. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns.
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former alameda county supervisor nadia lockyer is scheduled to be in court today. she was arrested late last month in orange county. they found her with methamphetamine in a house where she is staying with her nine-year-old son. she was released to a rehab center. she resigned back in april after a drug and extramarital sex scandal. she and her husband are getting divorced. two california district attorneys are pushing hard to restart state executions before voters can decide whether or not they want to retain the death penalties. san mateo's district attorney steve wagstaff is one of the da's he wants to retain execution dates. executions by lethal injection are on hold right now. they are tied up in a legal battle over inmates suffer a cruel and unusual death through executions. >> protestors at the occupy the farm movement are at it again. the daily cal reports about 30
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protestors broke into the uc owned gill track in albany yesterday to tend the crops that they planted. reportedly they cut a hole in the fence to get in but nobody was arrested. they are fighting a proposal to develop the university owned property. your time 6:17. nasa scientists are crossing their fingers hoping the mars rover curiosity doesn't come in contact with water on mars. curiosity's drill bits they may be tainted with earth microorganisms that could well they could still be alive if they happen to touch water if they find water on mars. that could threaten a possible future discovery of life on mars. before the lunch they opened a sterilized box to open a bit on that rovers drill. very controversial but they did
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it in case they find water. how does it look sal? >> it looks pretty good. although it is getting more crowded. it's certainly nothing to be concerned about. since it's typical. we are looking at traffic here on highway 4 for example that is getting more crowded. it's stop and go in antioch as it norrally is. you will see slow and go as you drive toward concord. 680 southbound some slow spots during that stretch. nothing major along the road. we don't see anything major on 680. let's move along and take a look at westbound bay bridge. the metering lights if they are not on now they should be on pretty soon. it looks like the fast track users are getting a bit of a break but nobody else is. and this mornings drive in the south bay continues to be pretty good with northbound 101 being the heaviest just after 280. let's go to steve. thank you. a very good morning. fog filling in.
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nothing we have not seen before. usually that fog disappearances and cost warms up. there are cool readings this morning. now again we are up around 2700 feet. 36 degrees. far scotts valley 45. st. helena is in there. and danville at 38. a little cooler and it will be slightly warmer today. but morning fog 60s by the coast. unless you are down toward capitola santa cruz. but 46 sonoma county airport. san rafael is 51. i saw 47 by mill valley. systems continue i mean not much as changed. high pressure in the southwest continues to pump in moisture. tropical clouds but it's staying south and east of us. a little system moves into north. one day that increases the fog. today looks like that day the high will build in ever so slightly. temperatures not changing too much. a little warmer than sunday.
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60s and 70s and 80s. if you are heading to the raiders tonight it looks good. nothing you haven't seen or dealt with before. little cooler on tuesday and calming dune little bit wednesday into thursday. friday into saturday looks a little warmer. that will be well inland. cool down on sunday. bp is selling off some of its deep water gulf of mexico oil and gas properties. company says it's to help pay for the damages from the 2010 gulf coast oil spill. the properties were sold to a texas based exploration and production company for $25.5 -- $5.5 billion. the new lundborg survey shows here in the bay area our prices are much higher. san francisco has the highest price gas in california average of $4.24. time now 6:21. the second anniversary of the san bruno pipeline explosion was marked with two memorials.
6:22 am
those memorials were the victims of the deadly pipeline disaster. also the number of homes there that have been restored. and we want to take you live to brentwood this morning where you can see the dozens of people that have camped out there they are hanging out in the parking lot saying good morning. we will tell you what they are waiting for.
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time now 6:24. happening now people are waiting outside. here they are right here. they are waiting outside for a new restaurant to open. this is in brentwood. our cameras are there panning out dozens of people there. buffalo wild wings on lone tree way is offering would you believe free chicken wings for a year to the first 100 people in line. and some of them camped out overnight. we are looking at them now. this is the chain's fourth bay area locations. they have others in dublin, san jose, fairfield, and vacaville. these folks are ready for their chicken. time now 6:25. spectators at the reno air show races should feel safer this week. organizers redesigned the airfield after this. this disaster last year. they are increasing the distance between the planes and the grand stand by 150 feet
6:26 am
making the separation at least 1,000 feet. it's all because of that crash last year. ten people were killed. 70 more were hurt. and there were demand for greater safety precautions. it was two years ago that a natural gas pipeline exploded into a fire ball forever changing the neighborhood. last night people gathered to mark the second anniversary of the disaster with the two separate memorials. the first was held at the park to unvail the name of the eight people killed. the mayor hopes the tragedy will lead to important safety measures. >> you have to keep in mind this happened in san bruno but it's not just because we are san bruno. it could have happened anywhere. >> the second memorial was held at 6:11. the exact time and location of the explosion. so far eight of the 38 homes destroyed have been rebuilt. 12 are awaiting permits and 18 are still under construction. time now 6:26.
6:27 am
let's check in with sal. see what is happening on the roads. what do you see? >> it's getting crowded out there as we get a check at the peak of the commute. 280 northbound looks pretty good as you drive toward san jose. i want to check out the sunol grade. southbound 680 looks good here. i want to bring up the maps. southbound 680 toward pleasanton and fremont there is a problem there. a couple of crashes. the traffic is very slow heading down that sunol grade. 6:27 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. decent fog bank still getting its act together out there. otherwise temperatures today they were a little rebound from yesterday. 80s inland but 60nd and 70s closer to the bay and coast. thank you. our time is 6:27. a police officer that was in president obama's motorcade in florida was killed. we'll tell you exactly how it happened. and an early morning hold
6:28 am
up in oakland ends badly for the suspected armed robber after he shot the victim he targeted that got him in trouble. plus the opening bell is just about to ring on wall street. pam will have the early stock numbers. i like to score my designer shoes and handbags early. so i shop at t.j.'s. i get my favorite brands without having to wait for them to go on sale someplace else. done! fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx.
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there it is right on time. the opening bell in new york this morning. and i understand those are the fabulous speakman brothers. do you know them? you are watching the cooking channel. >> i don't know them. >> they are visiting the nasdaq. and over on the new york stock exchange it is columbia day. it's the second annual and it's to help promote columbian financial markets and hopefully maybe some trade between the two as well. all eyes on ben bernanke and the federal reserve and
6:31 am
markets. investors around the world hoping some sort of stimulus will come about from the fed meeting. we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's a monday september 10th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. the suspect of an overnight robbery in oakland tried to rob the wrong person when his victim pulled out a gun. ktvu alex savidge is right near lake merit with more on this tense confrontation. >> reporter: this suspected armed robber held up a man and woman at gunpoint right outside of their car early this morning. but he got a whole lot more than he bargained for. one of the victims was an off duty police officer. the officer opened fire on the suspected armed robber hitting him twice. here is video of the man being transported to the hospital with those gunshot wounds. this all unfolded until 2:00 this morning. the officer and woman he was with had just arrived home and parked their car.
6:32 am
they opened up the trunk to grab something when the suspected armed robber approached and demanded their valuables. >> the male subject is an off duty police officer. he withdrew his service pistol and shot him a few times. >> reporter: i asked the sergeant but he would not say which department that off duty officer works for. but he does tell me the suspected armed robber that was shot this morning had been involved in two other armed robberies in this area earlier on in the evening and into early this morning. at this point that suspected armed robber is in the hospital recovering from the two gunshot wounds and will be taken into custody once he's released from the hospital. we are live this morning in oakland alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:32. tonight vallejo residents will get to question the acting
6:33 am
police chief about the city's seventh officer involved shooting of the year. mario rammer row was shot to death last sunday. he got out of the car and was holding what appeared to be a gun. some are saying vallejo needs a citizen review commission to oversee the police. that meeting tonight is at 6:30 it will be in city hall. a father and son were rescued off the central california coast after making an emergency landing in the ocean. their plane ran into problems near march row bay yesterday. tara moriarty here now live. you've talked to the coast guard and you know more about what those rescuers were dealing with. tara. >> reporter: yeah those crews had to deal with six to eight foot swells. they also had winds up to 23 miles an hour. but they say it's all part of the job. some saying they trained for every day saving lives. this all unfolded yesterday afternoon when a father in his
6:34 am
70s and son were flying their plane from santa barbara to canada when they ran into engine trouble. it's a trip the duo takes every year. they were forced to make an emergency landing in the cold choppy waters off the big sur. the coast guard provided ktvu with this' cue after the may day call came in just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon. we spoke to each member of the rescue crew. >> definitely a relief. big excitement for me. especially when you have two victims in the water that could have possibly been deceased after maybe a few minutes, an hour. >> reporter: now by 5:15 the plane got tangled in kelp and had complete lessoning. officials say it was a gps tracking device on board the pair's aircraft that helped them pinpoint the father and son. both were flown to the hospital where they did not seek
6:35 am
treatment. a strong tail wind allowed them to be on scene first. live from near sfo i'm tara moriarty. we are learning more about the woman killed while walking down a walnut creek sidewalk. on saturday night a red pickup truck drove on to the sidewalk and hit two women walking on north main street. 52-year-old sherry hicks died at the scene. she was in walnut creek from santa barbara visiting her son and his new wife. his wife her daughter-in-law is at john mere medical center with serious injuries. >> it instantly went from there was a wreck outside to it was a horrific scene. everybody was screaming and yelling call 911. >> the driver of the truck has been identified as 53-year-old hossein tabrizi of walnut creek. he is facing charges of vehicle manslaughter. police have not said if drugs or alcohol were involved. a member of president obama's motorcade was killed while on the job in west palm
6:36 am
beach florida. 55-year-old bruce was preparing to shut down a roadway when he was hit by a pickup truck. he is a 20 year veteran of the force. the motorcade was to escort the president to a campaign event. no charges have been filed yet against the driver. 6:35. new this morning u.s. government has just given afghan officials full control of the bog ram prison. that is where thousands of terror suspects are designed. karzai called that a victory for its country. the u.s. repeatly stopped send -- recently stopped sending new suspects there after afghan's questioned long-term deceptions without charges. a somber anniversary tomorrow. it has been 11 years since the terror attacks. coming up we'll fell you the
6:37 am
open events. all right time is 6:36. investigators are trying to piece together what may have caused a home in ceres to explode. 22 other homes were damaged early saturday morning. right now investigators don't know how it happened but they are look bog a possible gas line rupture. the home was also raided last week and police found several pot plants growing in the backyard. gusty winds and dry conditions are not helping the firefighters to contain nine major fires. the scott fire is threatening over 300 homes. 1300 firefighters continue to battle two fires in da lieu is a and yellow counties. they hope to have those contained today. and they are also working on that fire in mendocino county. muni is hoping a new ipad
6:38 am
app will help improve service. 700,000 people ride muni every day and muni has dealt with issues including old streetcars and buss that will sometimes break down. that is why they are hoping the new smart muni app will improve operations by having real-time information for trains and buses. it will use gps to pinpoint the location, speed, and direction of every vehicle. and when there is a problem a text will be sent out. speaking of apps, a new ktvu ipad app is ready for you to down load absolutely free. you can watch all of our newscast live plus get drive time traffic, bay area weather and see video of breaking news any time, anywhere for free. and speaking of traffic, i guess it's getting crowded at the toll plaza. let's check in with sal. >> it is pam and dave. this mornings commute is pretty full strength here as you come up to the toll plaza. it is backed up for a 15 minute
6:39 am
delay. maybe 20 minutes now. although it's not all that bad. you don't have to worry too much. certainly not lighter than usual that is for sure. we've had some slow traffic on 880 north and southbound. here and there. now tonight there is a football game at the coliseum. the raiders play. nationally televised game. sold out game. 7:15 start time. it will impact that afternoon commute. this morning on the sunol grade we've had slow traffic. it's getting slower and slower out of pleasanton heading down to pree mont. livermore valley also very slow all the way into dublin on 580. kind of off to a pretty busy monday. thank you, sal. very good morning. kind of quiet out there. clouds filling in on the coast. but it looks like a little rebound on the temps today. not a lot. yesterday we cooled down. today we will see temperatures
6:40 am
kind of coming up a little bit. probably more away from the coast than anywhere else. tomorrow looks a little cooler. tropical moisture continues to stay east and south. dry southwest flow in the upper atmosphere. that keeps it out of here. one system moves into the north. one system moves out. it leaves behind cool air. we had upper 30s on sunday morning. sonoma at 44. fairfax 47. 46 sonoma county airport. low 50s for some. san jose is in there. fairfield feels a little chilly like summer is leaving us. i agree with that. a little system continues to dig in. coast and bay fog. a slight warm up inland.
6:41 am
if you are well inland upper 80s to 90s. everyone else will be in the 60s and 70s and 80s. mid 80s morgan hill and gilroy. santa clara in there. 67 in the city and 60s on the coast. and we do have charges in the raiders tonight looks mostly clear. little cooler on tuesday, wednesday, thursday pretty quiet. slight warm up on friday. inland saturday. not on the coast. cooler weather back on sunday. time now 6:41. we are hearing more now from the u.s. navy seals that helped kill osama bin laden. >> this operational one of the most significant operations in u.s. history. >> why he was willing to risk prosecution to tell his story. plus we are following developing news out of fremont where there is police activity helping right now. good morning, northbound 280 traffic looks pretty good getting up to highway 17. another update straight ahead.
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good morning. low clouds, fog making a push inland. once that burns back it will be 60s and 70 coast and bay. 80s away from the coast. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we follows for you at 6:44. suspected armed robbery in
6:45 am
oakland shot by an off duty police officer. that off duty police officer and female friend were getting out of their car early this morning when the gunman walked up to him. the off duty police officer pulled out his gun and shot that suspect. that suspect committed two other robberies earlier that night. father and son were rescued from their sinking plane the plane's engine stalled after taking off from santa barbara yesterday afternoon. the father and son were not seriously hurt. police in milpitas investigating the shooting death of a clerk at a 7-eleven. we are following developing news in fremont. for the past several hours police have been looking for a man wanted on several felonies. ktvu janine de la vega just arrived on the scene with what is happening out there right
6:46 am
now. >> reporter: we are here at the corner of solo way. a lot of police cars and fire truck on the scene. you can see firefighters standing on the front lawn of this house. just a little while ago a swat truck was parked on the front lawn. you can see as they pulled up they did damage to the front of the lawn with the bricks here. see that fan blowing there, well they had just dallied tear gas in the last hour. they were trying to get a man to come outside of the house. fremont police came to the house at 11:30 last night to serve an arrest warrant on a 30- year-old man that live there is with his parents. he had drug warrants and a history of firearms. the swat team was called and several neighbors were evacuated and the neighborhood was quarantined off.
6:47 am
they deployed tear gas. the man was gone. they only found the man's parents. at the last hour police have been searching the neighborhood where their canine units looking for this man wanted for the several felonies but they came up empty handed. right now we are told that the patrol officers and firefighters are going to stay out here on the scene to air out the house. the man's parents who live here are down the street. they are interviewing them. right now they have called off their search for this man. but he is still wanted. reporting live from fremont janine de la vega. we are finally getting a firsthand look at the top secret raid that killed osama bin laden. a former navy seal that goes by the name mark owen is speaking out for the first time in a new book called no easy day. he sat down with 60 minutes but for security reasons his voice and appearance were altered. now the pentagon has gone as far as threatening legal action against him because the manuscript was not submitted for a prepublication security
6:48 am
review. >> this operation is one of the most significant operations in u.s. history. and it's something i believe deserves to be told right. and deserves to go in a book and stand for itself. >> the american public doesn't need to know what happened exactly in that building. >> the book is on store shelves nation-wide. owens says most of the book's proceeds will be donated to charity. tomorrow will be the 11th anniversary of the september 11 attacks. ceremonies will be held in new york, washington, d.c., and shanksville, pennsylvania where the planes crashed on that day. here in the bay area each of the 43 fire stations in san francisco will be holding ceremonies beginning at 6:45 in the morning. in lafayette a remembrance and vigil will be held at 4:00 p.m. at the largest overpass flag display in california. san jose will be holding a peace picnic at the city center. that is at 5:00 p.m.. on our channel 2 website we
6:49 am
have a list of all of the september 11th remembrance events right here in the bay area. just go to it. click on the hot topic section of we'll be here 4:30 tomorrow morning. we will cover all of that as well. 6:48 is the time. let's check in with sal. any problems? >> wait a minnie will be here at 4:30 tomorrow morning? >> yes you better. 4:30 a.m.. >> let's go outside. i want to let you know traffic is moving along pretty well. found out some information from people here at the raider nation they will allow them to line up at 12 noon for that game. it starts at 7:00. that is five hours of unadulterated raider nation party. traffic is backed up westbound as you get up to the mccarthur maze. no problems getting on to the bridge. and this mornings commute on 680 is terrible.
6:50 am
on the sunol grade grade. look at the backup starting in pleasanton. are you kidding me? heading down to fremont it is going to be very, very slow. 6:49 let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. san jose airport and 74 yesterday in san jose. upper 70s today. temperatures coming up a little bit. temperature clouds don't have to worry about that. we do have to take notice to very cool readings. scotts valley 45. st. helena 47. danville 48. there is a little bite to the morning air. even sonoma county airport at 46 degrees. low 50s san jose. livermore is not far away. just a pattern that looks to be stuck. one day a weak little system moves into the north. another day of high pressure kicks in. it's just a fight between the two. doesn't look like either one wants to take charge. just a little warmer inland
6:51 am
after the morning clouds. there will be a lot of sunshine. 60s and 70s and also 80s. few near 90 degrees. but you have to go far inland to find that. 60s and 70s and 80s. raider nation today mostly clear. breezy looks nice. 64. slightly cooler an tuesday. wednesday, thursday a quiet pattern. there are signs of a warmup inland. not so much on the coast. cooler weather back in on sunday. time now 6:51. the raiders national tv tonight kicking off the new season. if wow are a raider fan why you should get to the coliseum early and there are incentives for doing that. plus how a community is coming together to honor chp officer kenyan youngstrom.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
taking a live look at the big board. dow jones down almost 29 points. looking at the nasdaq and s & p also losing a little bit of ground this morning but we will keep looking. time now 6:54. memorial service for slain chp
6:55 am
officer kenyan youngstrom will be held thursday. they put up a different memorial for officer youngstrom yesterday in alamo. he was shot during a traffic stop last tuesday. a fellow officer shot and killed the suspect christopher lacy. this memorial you are looking at is on the shoulder of interstate 680 where the shootings happened. >> there was debris, litter like a lot of areas on the freeway. we just thought you know what it doesn't need to be that way. so we took it upon ourselves to come and clean it up. of course put the wreath out there. >> in the meantime the jump highway trampoline park in fairfield raised money for officer youngstrom's family. they live nearby. the memorial will be held thursday 10:00 at the mission church in vacaville. ktvu will have complete coverage of that service. no suspect, no motive but there is a victim in critical condition. that is what san leandro police are dealing with this morning. a man was shot several times
6:56 am
including once in the head. officers found the 48-year-old in a duplex on orchard street just before 8:30 last night. he was taken to eden medical center in castro valley. detectives have interviewed witnesses. now they are asking for the public for help to find the gunman. time now 6:55. thousands of chicago teachers were on strike this morning. they walked off the job after contract negotiations broke down last night. the big issue pay raises, health benefits, and a new teacher evaluation system that union leaders say will cost jobs. this is a chicago school district first strike in 25 years. 400,000 students are effected. the district officials say 144 schools will still serve breakfast and lunch. contract talks are expected to resume sometime today. this is interesting. a new antismoking campaign here in california is offering smokers gift cards as an incentive to kick the habit. sacramento bee reports $20 gift
6:57 am
cards are being offered to certain med cal patients. thursday they do have to call the smoker -- they do have to call the smoker help line to take part in a counseling program. the oakland raiders are ready. they kick off their nfl season tonight against the san diego chargers. kickoff 7:15 at the coliseum. but the raiders say if you're a fan get there early. it's expected to take longer to get through security because of the new airport style metal detectors now required at every nfl stadium. if you get there early you will get to see a pregame performance by ice cube the rapper. also get a chance to win raiders prices. >> chargers fans should get there early too. >> them too. sal, how is traffic? >> it's doing okay pam and dave. we do have slow traffic at the toll plaza which is typical. it's backed up all the way out to the mccarthur maze.
6:58 am
the traffic continues to look pretty good. once you get on to the bridge. let's go up to the sunol grade where that is the worst traffic in the bay area. backed up all the way to 580. now let's go to steve. >> thank you. we do have the night and morning fog making its little push there. once it heads back to the coast it looks like another nice day. temperatures 60s and 70 ann low to mid upper 80s. coming up next on mornings on 2 a would-be robber picked the wrong man. details on a violent confrontation. a father and son off the coast of monterey county. incredible video to show you. we got it from the coast guard overnight. us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers.
6:59 am
it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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